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Asim Riaz is well-known for how well he can model. He is an Indian fashion model. Asim has done more than just be a model. He has also been in both Indian and foreign commercials and fashion shows. This handsome and cute boy got a lot of attention from the 13th season of Bigg Boss, a controversial but well-known reality show that airs every October on Colors TV.

On the first episode, the show’s host, Salman Khan, said that Asim Riaz was a model and celebrity contestant. His muscles, abs, good looks, and cuteness helped him get the attention of Bigg Boss’s viewers, especially the women.

He has been in a lot of fashion shows. Asim got a lot of attention when Bigg Boss season 13 contestant Mahira Sharma called him “Bhai” on the show’s premiere.


Asim is also a social media influencer and an actor, in addition to being a model and a fitness fan. Asim was born on July 13, 1993. He is always in the news because of how he acts in the Bigg Boss 13 house. This guy is about 5’9″ tall and about 60 kg in weight. His height, width, and length are 40:32:14. His eyes are brown and his hair is black.

Asim Riaz finished all of his schooling in his hometown. After he graduated, he decided to try to become an actor and model, which was his dream job. Asim Riaz likes to stay in shape. He started going to the gym and working out at a very young age. He also stuck to a strict but healthy diet plan to get a good body. The main reason he has biceps, broad shoulders, and nice abs is that he works out regularly and eats right.

Age, Family, and Caste

Asim Riaz was born and raised in Jammu and Kashmir by a Muslim family. He was born in Jammu into a family with money and education. The only member of his family whose name is on the internet is his brother, whose name is Umar Riaz. Sources say that Asim’s brother works as a doctor.

Asim likes to keep the details of his family and his personal life to himself. Asim Riaz is close to his parents and other family members, and he works hard at modelling to make them proud. Asim is a Muslim and lives according to Islam. In 2019, this strong boy will be 26 years old. This handsome young man was born on Tuesday, so his star sign is “Cancer.”

Career and Education

Asim Riaz was born and raised in Jammu by a Muslim family who had moved there. He went to the Delhi Public School of Jammu. In his home town, he finished school. After he finished high school, he started getting jobs as a model and actor.

Asim’s dream was to be a model and actor ever since he was a child. Asim began acting in 2014 with the play B’lue Company. Since then, this handsome model hasn’t turned around to look back. He has backed a lot of national and international businesses.

He looks like he was made by God. In fact, this model’s body is admired because it is so good. Asim Riaz put pictures of himself on his social media accounts and did some well-known modelling jobs for national and international brands to put together his modelling portfolio. Asim has worked on a lot of commercials and ads over the past few years. He’s also been in the well-known fashion concerts.

Asim went to Australia and other foreign places to improve his skills as a model and actor. This Bigg Boss 13 celebrity contestant became very popular on Instagram and Facebook during this time. He started getting fans, and soon he was a very successful model. Asim Riaz was in ads for local businesses. He joined Toabh Talents, one of the advertising agencies in Mumbai.

Asim Riaz was in many TV commercials, including ones for Spykar Jeans, Numero Uno, Jabong, Phive River Bags, Raymond, BlackBerry, Reliance Trends, Maruti Breza, Lenscart, and deodorant. From the 13th season of Bigg Boss, Asim became a controversial and well-known celebrity. Asim’s first reality show was Bigg Boss 13, and it’s still the biggest thing he’s done so far.


Even though Asim Riaz is a very handsome boy, he is not going out with anyone. He is neither married nor engaged, according to the sources. Asim might be focusing on his career right now, or he might be too private about his personal life to let people know about his relationships. There have never been rumours that Asim is dating a model or a famous girl.

Asim Riaz in Bigg Boss Season 13

Bigg Boss, which airs on Colors and Voot, is one of India’s most popular and controversial reality shows. Salman Khan has been in charge of the show for a decade. The Indian audience loves and watches the show so much that the people who make it change it up every year with new twists and themes to keep it interesting. On the day of the Premiere, Salman Khan talked about Asim Riaz. After his performance, the women in the Bigg Boss audience paid a lot of attention to him.

Salman told everyone at the premiere that this cute boy is a model and actor. He has been kicked out of the house more than once, but he has always come back. Asim has been a contestant on the show who has caused a lot of trouble. By getting into fights, he manages to get the attention of the crowd. Also, he has the best body, which makes him the most interesting and attractive contestant.

Hobbies and Interests

Asim Riaz likes to go to the gym, cook, ride his bike, and travel. He also likes animals. Asim Riaz has a bike made by Royal Enfield. He is also interested in fitness and works on his body often. He posts a lot of pictures from the gym, where he can be seen working out and doing exercises. Ferrari and Buggati are his favourite cars.

Black and blue are his favourite colours. He loves Kebab and Chicken when it comes to food. Asim likes chocolate too. Snickers is his favourite candy. His pet is a cat.