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  • I’m a hot girl but I never lose my cool.
  • Does my sparkle burn your eyes?
  • Just like the alphabet, I come before U.
  • Why chase you when I’m the catch?
  • No GPS but it’s my turn.
  • 20/20 vision and I still don’t see any competition
  • I’m none of your business.
  • Sit up when I walk in.
  • Don’t check for me unless you’ve got a cheque for me.
  • I’m everything you want but can’t have.
  • Outfit: perfect. Attitude: worth it.
  • The skin on glow, money on grow.
  • You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now.
  • Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.
  • This is not a race, but I still take first place.
  • Proof that I can do selfies better than you.
  • No tag, but I’m still it.
  • Trouble never looked so fine.
  • I’m the girl Harry Styles daydreams about.
  • I’m not always sarcastic — sometimes I’m sleeping.
  • I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be
  • I refuse to be put in a box. — Jennifer Lopez
  • When in doubt, freak ‘em out. — Sharon Needles
  • I’m one of those people who doesn’t follow trends. I set them.— Zendaya
  • You’re not going to tell me who I am. — Nicki Minaj
  • I’ve always been famous, it’s just no one knew it yet. — Lady Gaga
  • If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. — Katharine Hepburn
  • I’m too busy writing history to read it. — Kanye West
  • I don’t need your situation. — Jordyn Woods
  • When there are so many haters and negative things, I really don’t care. — Kim Kardashian
  • I embrace mistakes, they make you who you are. — Beyoncé
  • Just because I’m sassy and have a mouth on me doesn’t mean I’m coming from a negative place. — Kesha
  • Don’t get bitter, get better. — Alyssa Edwards
  • I’m gracing you with my presence. — Kourtney Kardashian

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